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Professional Excellence in Financial Services

About Mike
For over 26 years, Mike Jacobson’s goal as a financial advisor has been sustaining the lifestyle of his clients through a comfortable retirement. See why he’s still passionate about realizing your goal of financial security:

Our Process
1. Discovery Meeting
We'll get started with a few questions that help us create a picture of your finances and unique situation. It's your first step towards a comfortable retirement.

3. Recommendations Meeting
We'll go over our proposed recommendations, answer your questions, and begin implementing the agreed-upon strategy.

5. Strategic Partnerships
Our services include working with tax and estate professionals to enhance your services.

2. Plan Development
Using what we learned during the discovery meeting, our team sits down to craft a plan built for you. We look at the lifestyle you've built and ways to continue your financial security.

4. Ongoing Progress Updates
We provide ongoing annual updates, along with regular emails to keep you informed about the current market.