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401k/Employee Education

For Companies

  • Evaluation of current plan design, investment selections, administration, and costs
  • Selection of investment company and investment array for the plan
  • Plan design – matching, profit sharing, vesting, eligibility
  • Ongoing monitoring of plan and suggestions for appropriate changes in providers, investments, and plan design

For Participants

  • Enrollment meetings to provide information on why and how to participate
  • Personal guidance on phone, email, or in-person meetings
  • Answer questions on how much to invest, utilize pre or post-tax savings, and which investment to use based on risk tolerance and retirement date
  • Provide comprehensive personal financial planning, to set goals, and with a 360-degree view, determine how to achieve a comfortable retirement
  • Ongoing worksite educational workshops on a variety of financial planning topics

In addition to our 401(k) plan services, we offer Complete Financial Management Services:

  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Portfolio Analysis and asset allocation
  • Investment Management
  • Insurance applications
  • Tax Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Ongoing progress reporting

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